Holden Elecronics - UK So Called sellet holden electronics ltd - ignores Customers Emails & Reports Customer to ebay

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ebay assistant, her ebay assistant, and they suspended out ebay Accounts used for purchases Only

I purchased some of her Chionese, Little Staff from her ebay.co.uk store holdenelectronicsltd

she indicate "free shipping with royal mail small packets" and I Asked her A Very Simple Question for A Normal Human - I asked the Total Invoice with Combined Shipping, to save some GBP (because I purchased about more than 1 item) . she never replied to the combined shipping request, instead she Only sent an ebay invoice with no firther explaination

she shipped item with A Totally Different Shipping Modality without any notice by EMAIL or ebay messages, and thats was not good idea, because customs offices they usually stop for example all EMS packages , and similar services that they consider, "merchandise for resale" so they stop packages, or return packages to senders or similar problems

after more than 2 weeks I Contacted her asking to find out the package status with her local postal service and she Replied with a pre-packed email - "this shipping is fully trackable" fully or not fully I told her nothing arrived at shipping adress indicated in the order but she Replied with a simple "Prepacked Ebay email"

then I contacted her using her EMAIL ADRES and she replied "please recontact me ysing ebay messages"

I contacted her Again by email since email is a communication syastem and I was logged out at ebay - she IGNORED THE CUSTOMER EMAIL

again I sent her another Email - SHE IGNORED AGAIN THE EMAIL

she act like a nazi, n difference, and I'm pretty sure that yhis "personb" has serios Psicoklogical Problems - If you do not believe me, try to send her An Email Directly to her EMAIL adres and you will see her PREPACKED /NON SENSE EMAIL

the important think for this "seller" is What she Lkies or Prefers - she does Not care what CUSTOMERS prefers or like

I advised her again that poackage never arrived, he replied with anoher prepacked email,

so I told her To refund the total and then to claim with her courrier - she IGNORED the EMMAIL

I told her Regarding a paypal Dispute/Claim and she Ignored the Email

I Advised her that this kind of "customer service" she will not receive a gift or medal - SHE IGNORED THE EMAIL

Finally I decided to Leave a Negative Feedback, because I gave her The Opportunity to Resolve the Problem but she Replied with PREPACKAED EMAIL ONLY - Asking to communicate via ebay messages only, so to she Asked to Repeat the same Question

I left the Negative, with a Comment like "she Is a Wate of Time" then she finally refunded

After Refund, she Oopened an Unpaid Item Case with a Request for Payment - so I Told her That Obviusluy was too late to reship the items and Obviusly After all this Waste of time I Removed her From the Options, she Wa only a Second Option now, but she Ignored the Email

I asked her to Cancel the "unpaid item case" with a mutually agreed bid cancellation, But she Ignored the EMAIL

Then she Reported me For some Fantomatic policy, "Email forwarding, using ebay messages" - I never Used Ebay Messages BECAUSE I PREFER TO COMMNICATE USING NORMAL EMAIL AND I WAS LOGGED OUT AT EBAY

She then Contacted her Personal ebay assistant, and the assistant Reported me, the BUYER to safe and trust department and they Suspemded the ebay buyer acoount because "I left negative feddbacks / and did not pay for Items"

they cancelled all other bids, cancelled the negative feddbacks, and asked to Repay, the merchandise refunded by the seller a few days before the suspension

the ebay assistante helped the holdenelectronicsltd to open an "unpaid item case" for refunded merchandise - so they first refunde and thn they Askede me to Repay

I told her, the seller, That I wanted to Cancel obvoiusly, because she Wasted out Valutable Time


Tell me If this seller HOLDENELECTRONICSLTD is normal, I don't think so!!

Stay Away from this Crazy person HOLDENELECTRONICSLTD AT EBAY,CO,UK

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